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2023 Message from the President

    (January 16, 2023)

    Hello. Welcome to 2023. We welcome all old, new and prospective members and friends to our Temple.

    The COVID epidemic continues around the world and the flu viruses are becoming stronger. Despite this, our Temple continues on, thanks to the generosity and hard work of our members and community.

    The Kelowna Buddhist Temple is very fortunate to have Sensei Hirano as our resident minister. He and his family have been in Kelowna for over a year and have shown themselves to be hardworking and dedicated to our Temple and its Sangha. Under Sensei’s leadership, we have been able to provide services, lessons and meditation sessions both in person and on-line. Hopefully, we can restart our Dharma School sessions and services in the near future and thus provide another method of spreading the teachings of the Dharma to both young and old.

    With everyone’s cooperation and assistance, we hope to increase not only our religious ceremonies but also social activities in our Temple. It is important for our Temple to once again be a vital part of our community for our Sangha and friends. We invite everyone’s attendance at all temple activities…be it religious, social or fundraising.

    Temple Board elections have been held. Ballots were sent out and votes were counted.The results are as follows:

    • President: Pegi Hayashi Uyeyama
    • Vice President: Rick Suzuki
    • Treasurer: Derek Mayeda
    • Secretary and Women’s Liaison: Joyce Favell
    • Maintenance and Naijin: Rick Suzuki
    • Religious and Dharma: Anne Stack
    • Fundraising: Junko Charpentier
    • Social and Public Relations: Peggy Tanaka
    • Membership and Newsletter: Maureen Hatanaka

    Maintenance continues at our Temple. New windows and curtains have been purchased and installed in the board room, minister’s office and kitchen. The hall windows and curtains still need to be refurbished or replaced. Our old tractor which we use for yard work and sometimes snow clearing is approaching the end of its days. The new insulation in our cooler room needs a protective covering. Our gas woks and stove have had repairs, but still need some refurbishing. Thanks to generous donations by members, our hall fridge has beeen replaced. Unfortunately, more work needs to be done, therefore more funds need to be raised.

    Please consider the possibility of regular donations or post-humous estate donations to our Temple in order for the Temple to continue to exist and thrive in our community. Thank you for all you have done in the past and for all you will do in the future for our Temple.

    In Gassho,

    Pegi Hayashi Uyeyama