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Important Dates

Gong and other implements
January 1Gantan’e
New Year’s Day, This is a day of dedication. With renewed resolution we dedicate ourselves to the way of the Nembutsu.
January 16Goshoki Hoonko
Shinran Shonin Memorial Service – Ho-on-ko is a service in memory of Shinran Shonin (May21, 1173 – January 16, 1262) the founder of Jodo Shinshu (True Pure Land Sect). Shinran Shonin was the first to teach absolute faith in Amida Buddha.
February 15Nirvana Day
Buddha’s entering Nirvana, On this day we solemnly observe the passing of Sakyamuni Buddha into Pari-nirvana.
March 20 Spring Higan
Spring equinox day, Higan, meaning Other Shore, is a service conducted in spring on or about equinox day. At this time harmony rules throughout the universe. Therefore, we gather before the shrine of Amida Buddha to devote ourselves to the realization of this harmony in our inner lives. Eitaikyo, or the Perpetual Memorial Service, is also held at this time.
April 8Hanamatsuri
Buddha’s Birthday, This service is held to commemorate the birth of Gautama in Lumbini Garden. During the service a flower shrine known as Hanamido is set up in front of the main shrine as a symbol of Lumbini Garden. The sangha offers flowers and pours sweet tea over the image of the infant Buddha.
May 21Gotan-e
Shinran Shonin’s Birthday, Shrinran Shonin was born near Kyoto on May 21, 1173. On this day we observe his birth as the founder of Jodo Shinshu.
Celebration of our ancestors, Bon is a Buddhist Memorial Day. It is an occasion for rejoicing in the enlightenment offered by the Buddha. It is often referred to as a “Gathering of Joy.”
September 20Autumn Higan
Fall equinox day, The sangha gathers twice a year during the spring and autumn to recall the practices of Six Paramita. Eitaikyo, or the Perpetual Memorial Service, is also held at this time.
OctoberJ.S.B.T.C. Day
On October 12, 1905, Rev. Senju Sasaki arrived in Vancouver from Nishi Hongwanji, Kyoto, Japan to serve as the first Jodo Shinshu Minister in Canada. This day marks the official introduction of Jodo Shinshu in Canada. The light of Nembutsu has been carried on by the members of Sangha as the guiding light in life since then.
Perpetual memorial.
December 8Bodhi Day
Enlightenment, Gautama meditated under the Bodhi Tree (Tree of Enlightenment) and became a Buddha, perfect in Wisdom and Compassion.