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Creeds & Pledges

Shinshu Pledge – Seikatsu Shinjo

  1. I take my refuge in the Vow of the Buddha. Reciting his Sacred Name, I will live through life with strength and serenity.
  2. I adore the light of the Buddha. I will put my effort in my work with self-reflection and gratitude.
  3. I follow the Teachings of the Buddha. Knowing I am on the Right Path, I will spread the True Dharma.
  4. I rejoice in the Compassion of the Buddha. I will respect and help others and do my best for the welfare of mankind.

The Shin Buddhist Creed

I rely on Amida Buddha, with my whole heart, for the attainment of Nirvana. I give up trust in my powerless self, and abandon all practices that rely on the false ego.

I know that, because of Amida’s Boundless Compassion, I am assured of re-birth the very moment I put my trust in him. I call his Name, “Namu Amida Butsu”, in happiness and thanksgiving for the gift of his Universal Vow.

I am grateful to Shinran Shonin and his followers for leading me to this profound teaching. I will try to live, throughout my life, according to the way of Nembutsu that they have taught.

Jodo Shinshu Creed

I affirm my faith in Amida’s Infinite Wisdom and Compassion. Reciting his Sacred Name, I shall live with strength and joy.

I shall look up to Amida’s Guiding Light. As I reflect upon my imperfect self, I live with gratitude for His Perfect Compassion which surrounds me at all times.

I shall follow Amida’s Teachings. I shall understand the Right Path and resolve to spread the true Teachings.

I rejoice in Amida’s Wisdom and Compassion. I shall respect and help my fellow men and work for the good of my community.


We thank the Buddha for showing up the way of freedom. We will endeavor to walk in his Noble Path every day of our lives.


Leader: To the Buddha….

Everyone: …. who promised to be present at his teaching, we pledge our loyalty and devotion. We dedicate our lives to the way of life he laid down for us to walk. We resolve to follow his teachings and work earnestly for the welfare of all mankind.