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Dharma Sessions with James Martin Sensei (Vernon, Sep 23)

    Invitation to our Dharma Friends in Kelowna

    Our Vernon Buddhist Temple is having a Dharma Gathering with the Theme: “The Dharma of Pie; Many ingredients make ONE”. We are inviting you to join us on Saturday Sept 23rd for Dharma Sessions with James Martin Sensei. Martin Sensei, who retired from The Calgary Buddhist Temple, is a very good speaker who gives heartfelt and interesting talks. He will approach the Theme with thought provoking ideas.

    James Martin stands at an altar

    He is coming to Vernon as the guest speaker for the B.C. Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Temples Federation annual gathering and we would be very happy if you join us to hear him speak or if you can, for the whole day.

    If you stay for the day, after Martin Sensei’s Dharma Sessions, we are planning a Minister’s Round Table with Aoki Socho, Grant Sensei, Hirano Sensei and Martin Sensei each giving their Perspectives on Oneness. Then we will have Breakout sessions to choose from that will have you singing Ondokusan in 2 part harmony, learning the Mottainai Bon Dance, exercising or learning about what a current Immigrant to the Okanagan goes through to get here and live. The day will end with getting to know Dharma friends from the lower mainland, Vernon, Kamloops and Alberta at a North Okanagan wine tasting and catered supper.

    So please join our Vernon Temple Members to hear our special speaker James Martin Sensei on Sept 23rd.

    Registration deadline is August 31, 2023. Download the registration form below: